Little Lambs is such a unique little community. We really appreciated the layers of experiences they provided for our son … hands-on play, beginning introductory skills for kindergarten, faith-based learning, and such sweet friendships. We could not recommend this preschool more!

-Laura, Little Lambs Parent

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In a changing and disorderly world, Little Lambs Preschool provides a point of stability and a quality program independent of state subsidies for reasons we believe are valued by others.

Little Lambs Preschool provides a caring Christian environment to assist parents with the training of their child in a social setting. The foundation of our care and the center of our teaching is firmly rooted in God’s Word, the Bible.

Using biblical teachings combined with best practices in early childhood education, we build independent thinkers, loving neighbors, and responsible young citizens.

Each day, we teach our children that they have a heavenly Father who loves them and provides for them. They have a Savior, Jesus, who died for them and they have the Holy Spirit who gives them a courageous faith.

Little Lambs Preschool is a State-Licensed facility and owned and operated by St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church. Our church and school are members of a larger church body called the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, which has been providing quality Christian education for over 150 years. We are one of the largest private/Christian school systems in the United States (National Center for Educational Statistics) and have:

  • Nearly 400 Early Childhood Ministries
  • Over 300 Lutheran Elementary Schools
  • 27 Lutheran High Schools across the United States
  • 2 Colleges in New Ulm, MN and Milwaukee, WI
  • 1 Theological Seminary in Mequon, WI

Little Lambs Philosophy

Christian preschool education nurtures the faith of each child and supports Christian parenthood and home life. It prepares children for kindergarten and aids in early detection of academic, social, and emotional needs.

Children learn at different rates, depending on their own God-given capabilities and desires. Little Lambs Preschool is here to patiently serve those seeking a contemporary Christian education for their children. With the Lord’s help, we will serve you to the best of our abilities by empowering a meaningful learning experience, and developing a positive self-concept for members of God’s family.

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