• Child must be 3 by September 15th
  • Child must be fully potty trained
  • A non-refundable annual fee of $125 is due at the time of registration


Little Lambs Preschool believes that children learn best through meaningful, engaging, hands-on learning experiences. We believe each child is capable of constructing his/her knowledge with the support of a teacher who is invested in the growth of each child. At Little Lambs, we use the age-appropriate HighScope Preschool Curriculum



  • to know God is real
  • to understand that God loves each one of us
  • to know the Bible is God’s Word and is true
  • to become familiar with and understand Bible stories
  • to know that God is the creator of all things
  • to know that Jesus is God’s own son
  • to know that Jesus died to pay for the sins of all people
  • to know that Jesus rose from the dead and will bring us to heaven one day
  • to learn to pray
  • to know God answers prayer
  • to know that God is in control and has purpose for everything
  • to know the true significance of Christmas and Easter

Social & Emotional

  • to develop a positive self-esteem
  • to develop responsibility for self and possessions
  • to begin growing in self-discipline, decision-making, and problem-solving
  • to be able to make choices, plan and carry out their own ideas
  • to explore and express emotions in a healthy and controllable fashion
  • to be able to take turns, share, compromise, and respect others
  • to be able to interact with adults and peers in an appropriate manner
  • to be able to join in both group and individual activities
  • to be able to follow rules and directions and understand their necessity
  • to be able to recognize how one’s behavior affects others
  • to display empathy and compassion
  • to know true happiness as a member of God’s family


  • to develop a lifelong love of learning
  • to construct knowledge through supported hands-on experiences
  • to develop reading readiness skills of visual and auditory discrimination, memory, and sequence
  • to use appropriate oral and written language
  • to have experience with and gain mastery of colors, shapes, numerals, and the alphabet
  • to gain pre-math experiences with patterns, matching, classifying, comparing, and sequencing (ordering)
  • to develop an appreciation for music and art through many creative activities
  • to gain an understanding of self, family, and community
  • to explore and gain a greater understanding of God’s wonderful creation (science awareness)


  • to develop dexterity, coordination, and strength to their fullest potential
  • to develop good health and hygiene habits
  • to develop healthy nutrition habits